Canyon has completed a Prime Ministerial committee review process regarding the company's proposal to develop a Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) bauxite mining and export operation. Having received positive feedback regarding the results of that process, the Company continues to await a final approval regarding its proposal from the Government of Cameroon. Company Management has been in Cameroon and continues to meet with senior Government officials to complete this process.

Canyon sees the potential for the Birsok Project to be a material part of Cameroon's emergence as a potential world-class producer of bauxite.

The Birsok Project is located in central Cameroon and is contiguous to the world-class high-grade Minim Martap bauxite deposit. The Project is comprised of two permits over 1,462km2 and is located along raised plateaux similar to the nearby Minim Martap Deposit. The project is highly prospective for high grade, low contaminant, DSO bauxite, and importantly is within 10km of the rail line to the Douala port facility.


Mayouom Kaolin Project

On 10 April 2018, Canyon announced on ASX the results from the initial sampling program for the Mayouom kaolin deposit in the North Western region of Cameroon. The results were very positive and show that the Mayouom kaolin deposit has the clear potential for High Purity Alumina (HPA) production. The sampling program confirmed that there is high-grade Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) with continuity both vertically and horizontally with very low impurities.

Based on the initial sampling program, Canyon’s independent metallurgical consultants who have current HPA experience, consider Mayouom to be a high-grade low contaminant kaolin deposit that is amenable to producing a good Al2O3 concentrate potentially suitable for HPA production.

Canyon regards the procurement of a kaolin and potential HPA project in Cameroon as a positive and value accretive addition to the Company’s project portfolio that is secondary to its focus on developing a large high-grade bauxite project in Cameroon.