Minim Martap Project - Bauxite


The Minim Martap Project is a large scale bauxite deposit located in the Adamawa region of Cameroon, alongside Canyon’s Birsok Bauxite Project. 

The Minim Martap Project encompasses two deposits, namely the Minim Martap and Ngaoundal in the Adamawa region of Cameroon, which are located within 25 kilometers of each other. The total area of the permits is 1349 km2. The deposit was first discovered by the Cameroon Government’s Mines and Geology Division (‘MGD’) in 1958. MGD initially studies the deposit with BRGM (The French Geological Survey) between 1958 and 1961. 

In 2006, Cameroon Alumina Ltd (CAL), was granted two exploration permits over both deposits. Systematic exploration occurred in 2008 and 2009 with drilling and assaying program at both Minim Martap and Ngaoundal. The drilling program was conducted by SRK Consulting on behalf of CAL and completed 852 holes for 11,358 metres of drilling across 14 plateaux on both deposits. 

Exploration work conducted by CAL was reported to be of an International Standard and the evaluation complied with the JORC Code (2004). In 2016 the permits were returned to the state of Cameroon. 

In August 2018, The Government of Cameroon granted exploration permits, comprising the ‘Minim Martap Project to Canyon Resources (CAY). 

Previous work completed Canyon Resources over the last few years has given the Company a strong understanding of the physical and geochemical characteristics of the local bauxite. The bauxite is generally high alumina, low total and reactive silica, high gibbsite, low boehemite and low on other contaminants. 

Only 40% of available bauxite plateau have previously been drilled and tested. 

In September 2018 the resource was independently upgraded to a JORC 2012 by SRK Consulting (Australasia). 

JORC (2012) compliant resource of 550MT at an average grade of 45.5% Al2O3 and 2.06% SiO2 
* Indicated 88MT averaging 41.8% Al2O3 and 1.3% SiO2 
* Inferred 466MT averaging 46.2% Al2O3 and 2.2% SiO2 

Resource Class Tonnes (million) Total Al203 (average) Total SiO2 (average) Permit No. of Plateaux Indicated
Indicated 88 41.8% 1.3% Ngaoundal 3
Inferred 466 46.2% 2.2% Minim Martap 11
Total 550 45.5% 2.06% 14

The Minim Martap Project is supported by its relative proximity to an operating rail connecting the Project area to the existing port of Douala. In addition, Canyon has engaged with the Government of Cameroon regarding an extension of the existing rail line to the new Kribi Deep Sea Port, which lies 130km from the existing rail line. The Government is at an advanced feasibility and planning stage for this extension and has already commenced land clearing of the road and rail corridor to connect the port to the existing road and rail infrastructure.