About Cameroon

Canyon Resources Ltd is exploring and developing high grade bauxite reserves in Cameroon, a central-west African country between Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea with Yaounde as the capital. The country has enjoyed the development of industry and infrastructure, particularly agriculture, roads, railways and ports and including a hydro-electric powered aluminium smelter at Edea, currently utilising imported alumina. Cameroon is a producer, consumer and exporter of gas, having exported 6,262,113 million BTU by the end of May 2020, and crude oil and has rich deposits of cobalt, iron ore, gold, diamonds and vast high grade bauxite ore reserves. Revenues from the extractive industries accounted for 5.43% of GDP and 33.23% of total exports in 2015. Cameroon has the fundamental infrastructure and mineral deposits to support a significant mining industry and the population is generally highly skilled in the technical vocations commensurate to exploration, construction and mining.

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