2015 Announcements



2015-12-22 Appendix 3B

2015-12-08 Appendix 3B

2015-12-03 Change of Director’s interest notice



2015-11-27 results of annual general meeting

2015-11-03 Appendix 3B and LR 3,10,5A and 708A Notices


2015-10-30 Quarterly Activities and cashflow reports

2015-10-28 Notice of annual general meeting

2015-10-16 canyon raises $1 mil for cameroon bauxite projects



2015-09-30 corporate governance statement 2015

2015-09-30 Appendix 4G

2015-09-30 annual report



2015-08-20 initial assays from 1st phase drilling on mandoum permit

2015-08-04 change of directors interest notice

2015-08-04 Appendix 3B and s708 notice



2015-07-31 results of meeting

2015-07-31 quarterly cashflow report

2015-07-31 Quarterly activities report

2015-07-17 appendix 3B and s708A report

2015-07-13 placement



2015-06-30 notice of general meeting-proxy form

2015-06-12 change of share registry address

2015-06-09 change of REGISTERED ADDRESS

2015-06-03 drilling commenced on birsok project cameroon



2015-05-29 final director’s interest notice

2015-05-29 director resignation

2015-05-18 appendix 3B,3,10,5A and s708 notice

2015-05-08 Placement

2015-05-06 trading halt



2015-04-30 quarterly activities and cashflow report

2015-04-14 change of director’s interest notices (3)

2015-04-14 appendix 3B and s708 notice



2015-03-31 lapse of class A CONVERTIBLE securities

2015-03-26 canyon acquires drilling rig in cameroon

2015-03-16 half year accounts

2015-03-16 canyon and acacia mining Enter Earn in Agreement in Burkina

2015-03-11 results of meeting

2015-03-11 appendix 3B



2015-02-23 Canyon Executes MoU with Rail and Port Operators in Cameroon

2015-02-09 notice of general meeting -proxy

2015-02-09 corrected notice of general meeting- proxy form



2015-01-30 quarterly cashflow report

2015-01-30 quarterly activities report

2015-01-22 becoming a substantial holder