2014 Announcements



2014-12-30 Letter to Eligible Shareholders and Option Holders

2014-12-30 Entitlement Issue Amended Timetable

2014-12-24 appendix 3B

2014-12-11 Renewal of the Birsok Permit in Cameroon



2014-11-28 Appendix 3B and S708A and LR 3.10.5A Notice

2014-11-26 Positive Results from the Initial Rail Study for Birsok Project

2014-11-21 Results of Meeting

2014-11-20 Trading halt

2014-11-11 High Available Alumina Low Reactive Silica In Test Results


2014-10-31 Quarterly cashflow report

2014-10-31 quarterly activities report

2014-10-21 notice of annual general meeting -proxy form

2014-10-01 annual report



2014-08-07 results of meeting

2014-08-07 investor presentation

2014-08-04 Further High Grade Bauxite from Birsok Project



2014-07-31 quarterly cashflow reports

2014-07-31 quarterly activities reports

2014-07-25 RTR- Rumble Resources Secures 85% of the Derosa Project

2014-07-24 research report

2014-07-22 High Grade Bauxite Results Continue from RC Drilling

2014-07-18 response to ASX query

2014-07-03 notice of general meeting-proxy form



2014-06-25 research report

2014-06-24 high Grade Results from Birsok Bauxite Project,Cameroon


2014-05-19 appendix 3B

2014-05-09 placement to raise $315,000

2014-05-07 RC Drilling Commenced on Birsok Bauxite Project in Cameroon



2014-04-30 quarterly cashflow

2014-04-30 quarterly activities report

2014-04-24 appendix 3B

2014-04-15 Drilling to Commence on Further High Grade Bauxite Results

2014-04-01 RC Drilling to Commence on Karga Base Metals Project



2014-03-24 Change of Director's Interest Notice

2014-03-24 appendix 3B- directors options

2014-03-17 initial director’s interest notice

2014-03-17 initial director’s interest amendment

2014-03-17 directors appointment

2014-03-14 half yearly report and accounts

2014-03-12 Corrected Appendix 3B Lodged 11 March 2014

2014-03-11 Issue of Shares and Options - Appendix 3B

2014-03-03 $1.15M Raised Through Entitlement and Shortfall Issues


2014-02-27 trading halt

2014-02-24 results of meeting

2014-02-11 research report

2014-02-11 Change of Director's Interest Notice

2014-02-05 Closure of Non Renounceable Entitlement Issue


2014-01-31 quarterly cashflow report

2014-01-31 quarterly ACTIVITIES reort

2014-01-22 letter to shareholders

notice of general meeting -proxy form

2014-01-13 Confirmation of Dispatch of Prospectus

2014-01-02 Supplementary Entitlement Issue Prospectus