2011 Announcements



20111221 Appendix 3B

2011-12-20 Results of Meeting

2011-12-13 Change in Substantial Holding



2011-11-29 Appendix 3B -Placement

2011-11-22 Results of Meeting

2011-11-18 Notice of General Meeting-Proxy Form

2012-10-30 Anomalous Gold from Recon Drilling at Taparko North Project

2011-11-11 Placement to Raise $3.7M to Accelerate Gold Exploration

2011-11-09 Trading Halt

2011-11-02 New Project Acquisition in South West Burkina Faso

2011-11-02 Investor Presentation



2011-10-27 Quarterly Cashflow Report

2011-10-27 Quarterly Activities Report

2011-10-18 Gold and Base Metal Soil Anomalies at Taparko North Project

2011-10-17 Notice of Annual General Meeting-Proxy Form



2011-09-30 Annual Report to Shareholders

2011-09-13 Research Report

2011-09-08 High Grade Shallow Gold Intersected in South Holes at Tao



2011-08-30 Further High Grade Gold Intercepted at Tao Project

2011-08-26 Change in Substantial Holding

2011-08-25 Additional Gold Intercepts from Canyon`s Tao Project

2011-08-16 Becoming a Substantial Holder

2011-08-16 Appendix 3B

2011-08-12 New Project Acquisition

2011-08-10 Canyon to Raise $1.4 million at a Premium to Market

2011-08-09 Trading Halt

2011-08-02 Wide Gold Intercepts Returned from Maiden RC Drilling



2011-07-31 Quarterly Cashflow Report

2011-07-29 Quarterly Activities Report

2011-07-05 Canyon Expands Its Footprint in Burkina Faso

2011-07-05 Appendix 3B



2011-05-24 Appendix 3B - Release of Shares From Escrow



2011-04-29 Quarterly Cashflow Report

2011-04-29 Quarterly Activities Report

2011-04-21 Appendix 3B

2011-04-18 Investors Presentation

20110418 Canyon to Acquire New Project Area in Burkina Faso

2011-04-07 Significant Au, Cu and Other Base Metal Anomalies in Burkina

2011-04-01 Final Director`s Interest Notice

201-04-01 Appendix 3B - End of Restriction Period



2011-03-31 Details of Company Address

2011-03-30 Appendix 3B

2011-03-24 Research Report

2011-03-22 Burkina Faso Exploration Update

2011-03-16 Half Year Accounts

2011-03-15 Director Resignation



2011-02-24 Appendix 3B

2011-02-21 Burkina Faso Exploration Update



2011-01-31 Quarterly Cashflow Report

2011-01-31 Quarterly Activities Report

2011-01-24 Appendix 3B

2011-01-21 Results Of Meeting